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We offer 3 tools on this page below to help people find out how many people are searching for a topic, and green editing tools that correct grammar. We also help people post in their own language and in English for a bigger audience and high paying ads. These tools also help people learn other languages.

  1. You can translate your post in the translation tab on the site or in the mobile menu. You can also publish in English for a bigger audience with ads that pay well, and publish in your own language.
  2. You can use a grammar editing tool that helps with English grammar. It give you edits immediately. It uses AI. It is talked about below.
  3.   You can search for topics in a keyword search tool that tells you how many people search for a topic per month in your country or another country. It also gives you ideas for other topics. It also shows you the number of posts on the web for a topic. Sometimes there are few or zero posts for a topic. If you post in a topic without enough posts, it is easier to be found on search engines like Google.


Translation to English or another language: If you want to translate your post, you can write it in your language, then translate the page with the translation tool on the page or in the mobile menu. You can post the English version in the editor below to check the grammar. The editing tool is an a free artificial intelligence editor.

Free editing for English from an artificial intelligence tool: Better writing has more views on Google and on the site. Writing in English will boost your traffic over time. You can use the tool in the link below to edit your work. They use artificial intelligence to help with grammar and editing.

There are several AI grammar tools that have free versions. You can Google “free AI grammar tool” and many will come up. The one below is called WordTune, and they let users do 10 free rewrites a day. We think this is a good option.


Other good options we have found are QuillBot, Grammara, Grammerly, Writer.com, and others.

Topic Search Volume Research Tool: You can find out search volumes for topics for free in WordTracker or keyword search tools online. There is a link below to WordTracker. There is a column that shows you the search volume per month in a country, and a column that shows you how many blogs or webpages there are for that topic. It helps people write for topics that will get more traffic. You can do a set number of free searches for topics per day in the service below. If you can’t use their site, they might limit it where you live. So, you can search for “free keyword research tool” online to find an alternative:



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