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Welcome, Here are some features of PresentChat:

  • Chat in conversations within conversations in deeper layers than other networks.
  • Share video, audio, or pictures. Follow like Twitter or be friends like Facebook, or both (most networks don’t let you do both).
  • See blogs in your stream and questions and answers from connections. Comment in your stream.
  • Control your privacy
  • Use profiles and activity streams that don’t have paid ad posts.
  • See posts naturally. We aren’t reordering them to manipulate you. It is like a real conversation.
  • Share activity on other networks with one click.  Share videos to YouTube with one click by sharing to your Google Plus Account connected to YouTube.
  • Use multiple accounts for multiple needs.
  • Send compliments and feedback.
  • Drop in links and videos from other networks.
  • Create and share documents you are writing in a public or private way (like a public or private Wikipedia).
  • Chat in your social profile, and make blogs or ask and answer questions (where comments are updated in real time like a chat). Do all of this from your profile.
  • Create groups. Control whether they are open or not.
  • Share public posts on other networks, and share deeper conversations.
  • In the future we will add live broadcasting, whiteboards where people can draw and write on a shared screen, audio and video calls, live chat translation, and other features.

Thanks, and feel free to join PresentChat