Online Heart Monitor and Biofeedback

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*The heart monitor is only working on the Firefox web browser. Some people think Firefox has the best privacy settings. The down side of using it on Firefox is that it stops showing the user’s face after the software has outlined the person’s head. If you are steady and in the same spot after you start, it should work fine. We are working on improving things. And, it still only works on laptop or desktop computers. It still works and helps!


Below you can see your heart rate. And, a wave sound plays with it. The sound changes with your heart rate.

Here is a brief explanation of how it works, and how to use it:

  • The volume of the ocean sound is set at a lower volume than other websites, so it can play as a background. You can play it by itself, or while watching Netflix. It only works properly on Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers (and on firefox, it stops showing the user’s face after the software has outlined the person’s head). And, it only works on laptop or desktop computers. This site doesn’t record your heart rate. The software just runs continually for people around the world who are using it.
  • The users heart rate is constantly averaged, and the level of your heart rate now is compared to your average heart rate from the last thirty seconds. That information informs how loud the sound of waves playing on the site is. When your heart rate goes higher the sound gets louder, when it goes lower the sound gets quieter.
  • When you focus the sound gets louder. Too much focus leads to distress. The louder sound also drowns out distractions.
  • When the sound is steadier it means your attention is steady. Steady heart rate goes along with steady breathing and steady attention in the brain. Too much steady attention leads to rigidity. People can train their attention just by knowing that steadiness means steady concentration.
  • Then the sound gets quieter it means the user is relaxing, and slowing down their heart. Too much relaxation leads to feeling too slow. People can use this tool to lower the sound, and when people keep it lower they can practice calming down. It can be done while watching movies, or listening to music, or playing games on other sites because people will want to lower the sound to hear the sounds from other sites. This makes learning how to control attention fun for adults and children in a new way.
  • Each person is in a unique situation. Different times of day mean people need different levels of focus or relaxation for that time of day. You can use this however you want.

Here are some facts that can help users:

Astronauts, professional musicians, pro athletes, people at work, and students all improve performance by practicing heart rate biofeedback. Also, children and adults with anxiety, attention struggles, or autism symptoms have higher than average heart rates at times. Using this tool helps them. Heart rate biofeedback is proven to be as an effective way to healing anxiety. The American Academy of Pediatrics and The State of Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services supports it for treating attention and anxiety struggles.

Thank you for learning about biofeedback. Please share this site on a social network or by talking about it. The average person knows about 2 people with attention or anxiety struggles. The more we share free resources that people can use on their own, the more it helps them and everyone.

Kindly, Peter

Founder of The Minnesota Biofeedback Clinic.  I work with clients online (anywhere in the world with phones or internet access), and in person (in Duluth, Minnesota and Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA). For more information please go to .


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