We are a social network dedicated to the present, presentations, gifts of sharing, and art, expression, and connections. Members can follow individuals and groups like Twitter or be friends like Facebook (or follow, and be friends). The members share posts, links, comments, videos, writing, photos, collaborative documents, music recordings, and visual art portfolios. They also create documents, web pages, graphic art, and writing on shared screens. Members can join groups or start them (where founders can keep groups free or decide to charge admission or subscription fees).

We all know we live in the present. There are many options. For art, art flows, and people follow.

There is also a question and answer platform built into the site, and into the social network profiles. It is easy to use. Users rate and vote on answers.

More Member Features:

  • Search and find each other. We are open to everyday personal use, work use, hobby use, and artful use. Share life, ideas, and work. Audiences can follow artists.
  • Users can write blogs or what we call “Social Articles” in their profiles.
  • Create one or many profiles.
  • Send compliments (like reviews)
  • Creators can share in their profiles, and they can create groups for free or they can charge membership fees. People share announcements in their profiles about what is happening in their groups. They can charge group members with something like a PayPal subscription button or other subscription services they use on their own (we do not take a fee). Group members can be allowed to stay for free, ore required to pay a fee to receive content. Group creators decide who stays in the groups the start.

Join, create, share, and grow. Register below.

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