Stream, show, share, teach (and be paid to post).

We are a chat platform for paid group memberships for tiny or large group chats. Group and individual chat streams mix together. And, you can see what is popular with everyone or your friends for fun and growth.

We are almost fully built- and in the near future the following will be available (you can sign up now before we fully launch):

Follow or post free and subscription content in the same chat. You can share videos, audio files and pictures with polls and easily use sophisticated features and controls. We help creators thrive with better tools than Patreon and other platforms.

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More about how members can make a living with small and large followings:

You can post free and income earning content in the same streams, and followers can share your free content on other networks. You can use text, audio files, photos, and video.

We work with YouTube videos that creators can set as private or public, while creators still get views and paid on YouTube.

Our service is made to let members earn money from one follower or more, and charge from $1.49 to much more in monthly subscription fees with a low commission (7.99%). Our commissions are lower than Patreon and other platforms.

This platform is perfect for people who have niches (like city tours, hiking guides, or artists sharing their process), and people can do things like have their family pay a monthly fee for them to go do personalized tours in cities (imagine have ten family members pay you $50/month to do personalized day trips in your city or hiking trips, etc.). 

A niche or new YouTuber can have 100 followers pay them $10/month and be able to create something new with the $1000. Creators in countries where a person can live on that amount can create expert channels for people in wealthier countries. Artists, comedians, teachers, travel agents or hotel owners, doctors, or lawyers can create specialized channels for a few followers or many that support their specialties and for unique experiences…you get the idea. We open doors for creativity.

Your followers can easily share your free content to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and that will grow your following.

Members can join your groups as free or paying members, and see the posts they pay for. Free members will see the first few lines of premium posts, the comments, and a “subscribe” link to on premium posts. This lets creators post content that will inspire free members to become paying members because of the comments, and the popularity of their posts. 

All members can see what is most popular and what their friends follow to cultivate a thriving community that supports growth and creativity.

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LifeChat, social blogs, free or paid.
LifeChat, social blogs, free or paid.