We are a social platform for colleagues, freelancing, creativity, and life with:

Long group video chats, unlike Zoom

Easily share public posts and content to other networks

Professional project management tools

Freelancer profiles with sophisticated features and no commissions

Questions and answers with votes

Surveys and polls

Follow individual posts or members

Minimal ads that don’t randomly interrupt like other sites.

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Some of Our Best Features:

Member’s streams show the content they follow or post in the order it is posted, and we suggest content based on what your friends follow and what is popular or voted as most trustworthy. It’s simple.

Our ads are minimal and tastefully place. 

You can bookmark posts to easily find them later.

Member posts are rated.

Public posts are published as blogs on the web to be found in search engines.

Public posts and blogs flow in streams with social posts, for social blogging.

You can post a survey or poll in your stream for friends or followers to vote on or share ideas and opinions.

You can see suggested content that is drawn from what your friends are following, and see what is popular.

Our privacy controls, navigation, and menu options are easier to use than other large networks.

You can like a post to say you are glad someone shared it, and use emojis to show anger or other feelings – like a mature conversation.

You can share blogs to other social networks like Facebook and Pinterest.

You can easily turn commenting off for your posts with a button under posts.

You can follow just one post and it’s comments in a button under posts, or follow all the posts of a member.

You can create Question and Answer pages with voting, and group docs or wikis that are indexed in search engines.  Your followers will see them, and you can see ones from people you follow.

You can create or join groups that are open by invitation, or open to everyone.

You can have multiple accounts for different needs, when other networks don’t let people do this.

You can follow people and you can earn income from your content.

You can create free groups or charge for membership.

You can share or stream different media, like photos and music, audio, or podcast posts.

There is a full project management system for individuals, groups and organizations, including team management and workflow story-boards (often called kanban boards).

You can also print your post stream as a PDF in an easy way.

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